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Subject: Tech Lectures for the Pharmacy Technician Update
Tech Lectures Update Jan 2009

Tech Lectures would like to welcome in the new year to you all with hopes of prosperity for all those in the Pharmacy Technician profession.  This is a difficult wish as today we find economic issues have surfaced and have forced many of us to still deal with minimal wages and stressful work conditions with little respect deserved.  But that does not mean that we cannot find others who will be there in time of need. 

In this respect, Tech Lectures will continue to offer something of educational value at a very affordable price when compared to other offerings from individuals or organizations that continue to raise their individual membership dues or prices.  I always wonder why a Technician would pay 138.00 for 20 hours of Pharmacy Technician CE through our very own Pharmacy Technician National Organization when it can be gotten for as little as 30.00 from Tech Lectures.  But I know people will do what they think is best.

In 2008 we introduced new CE lectures with 27 being offered to date of which the Pharmacy Technician can choose which lectures they want that add up to 20 or 21 hours and not have them selected for you, we updated our Review Manual and have seen an increase of positive testimonials of not only the benefit of the Review manual, but the free email support that comes with it. We also introduced our IV Admixtures Manual which has become a hot commodity.  Why, because of the educational didactic value it offers, (take a look at one of our CE offerings for yourself) and of course affordability. 

I think one of the big changes in 2008 was the spiral binding of our CE Packets, Review and IV Manual that has proven to be a better value in the offering of something of value and substance.  It is nice to get something in the mail that can be safely stored and used when needed.  But, I cannot minimize the free offerings from Tech Lectures such as our Educational Forum and MySpace that has allowed Technicians to not only learn much in educational value but connect with other fellow Pharmacy Technicians and of course  our free job listings which is the best out there!

This year Tech Lecture's goal is to continue to offer the best Pharmacy Technician specific offerings out there that will allow the Pharmacy Technician to actually learn much in both personal and professional growth.  To continue to offer free email support with these products and to do all of this at an affordable price especially when times have become rough for us all.  We are almost 13 years old, never have made profit from what we do, but I do not see myself doing anything different in offering something of value for the individual Pharmacy Technician!

Although we continue to be one of the Pharmacy Technicians best kept secret, I know, with your help, we can change that.  Please inform at least one of your fellow Technicians about Tech Lectures as I am sure they will be most appreciative in a time where prices matter.  Tech Lectures always wishing you and yours the best, especially during this year of economic concern.  

Joe Medina, CPhT, BS Pharmacy                                                                                                                             
President/Founder Tech Lectures

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