I created and have managed this website since 1988 - sort of a project and hobby to build my web publishing skills and to help advertise my former hometown of Lillian, Alabama. I have kept this site up FREE of CHARGE to anyone having a business, church, organization, or any entity in Lillian to promote you and your cause. I have paid for all the fees and charges myself - and never asked a dime from anyone - all I wanted was input from you and updates so I could keep your page current. I never got much feedback from anyone, save for the Optimist Club and a few others, so I am closing the book on this site for that purpose and am changing the format to a family site for the REEVES clan so that we might stay in touch and share pictures, memories, and news of our lives.

Anyone who appreciated my efforts - I am truly sorry I must do this; but websites now are relatively cheap and you can get yourself online easily through many different vendors - just Google it!

I wish Lillian and all its citizens the best of luck and hope someone else might take up this effort - but the domain name www.lillian.org is mine and I DO NOT intend to sell it anytime soon, so please don't offer. There are many dot-coms out there now, so you can probably get the name LILLIAN dot something for a domain.


Mike Reeves
formerly "der webmeister'  Lillian-Dot-Org